A Quick Look at Three of the Top Travel Pillows Today

Travel can be uncomfortable and even unpleasant. Seasoned travelers inevitably find ways of making their journeys more enjoyable. For many, travel pillows become especially welcome companions wherever they might be headed. A few of the best of these truly have a great deal to offer.

The Best Pillows Deliver Comfort on the Go Without Getting in the Way

A recent survey of the top pillows designed for travelers revealed that many offer some impressive features. Far from being confined to the cheap, unsatisfying products that used to be most commonly available, certain of these really hit the mark.

  • Tritl. With a design that strays wildly from the usual norms, the Tritl pillow was created by a couple of experienced engineers. Not exactly a pillow in the usual sense of the word, it consists of a comfortable wrap that conceals a flexible, built-in set of stays. With this structure supporting the head, comfort can almost be assured in just about any environment. The Tritl also folds up almost as compactly as even the tiniest of competing products.
  • Cloudz. Pillows that are stuffed with one kind of filling another remain some of the most popular among frequent travelers. What that material consists of can matter more than many would assume. What most travelers want is a pillow that provides a good deal of secure support while remaining comfortable. By including a specialized type of microbead filling, the Cloudz pillow achieves this and more.
  • Cabeau. Memory foam bed mattresses have become best sellers. The accommodating yield the material offers also makes a good fit for pillows, as many have discovered at home. Cabeau decided to take this insight on the road with its traditionally U-shaped pillow, and many buyers have become converts. Although a bit heavier than certain other options, the pillow still compresses enough to make packing it away easy.

A Bit of Much-Needed Rest or a Good Night’s Sleep

These top pillows and others are ready to provide all the comfort any traveler could want. Whether that means catching a quick bit of shuteye or dozing through the whole of an international flight, having a great pillow on hand can be rewarding.